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kitchen SAFETY sheets

spelling challenge

How will your children get on with the kitchen spelling challenge?Let them mark their own work too with our handy answer sheet

cookery maths

Test your child's numeracy skills with some fun cookery maths!    

go wild with words

Let your children have a go at some of our kitchen word games.-Cooking safety - fill in the blanks-Kitchen safety - what's the word?
-Kitchen safety - word search

test their knowledge

See how much your children know about kitchen safety with our kitchen safety rules worksheet  & true or false test.

teach children bbq safety

Teach your children how to keep safe around BBQs this summer with our handy worksheet.

Hunt the Hazards 
Turn your children into hazard detectives with these picture and questions sheets. Thanks to RoSPA for providing the Hunt the Hazard images.  

In the garden

Teach your child all about how to safe stay in the garden with the Hunt the Hazard picture sheet and Garden hazard questions

In the garage/shed

Garages and sheds are full of hazards for small children. Keep your little ones safe with the Hunt the Hazard picture sheet and shed/garage safety questions


From hot water to sharp knives, there are lots of hazards in the kitchen for young children. Teach them how to stay safe in the kitchen with the Hunt the Hazard kitchen safety sheet.

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