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Carbon monoxide

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  • Safety Follow some simple steps to stay safe.
  • Camping stoves and barbecues Remember barbecues and stoves are unsafe to use indoors.
  • Smoke alarms It’s important to have a smoke alarm fitted on every floor of your home and in or near the rooms you use most.
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  • Safety Planning to use more candles? Keep lit candles away from curtains and bedding and be sure to blow out when you leave the room.
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  • Drying Think about where you dry clothes. Clothes can get caught on electric heaters and burn.
  • Use of white goods at night Where possible don’t leave washing machines, tumble dryers or dishwashers running overnight or when you are out. If there is a fire you have less time to respond.
  • Electrical safety Register your electrical products so you will be informed if there is a problem.
  • Portable heaters If you are using a portable heater to stay warm follow some simple steps to stay safe.
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  • Safety Get your chimney swept and checked professionally if you’re planning to light an open fire.
  • Home heating Think about how you heat your home safety.

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