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03/05/2021 7:12pm


Hampshire and Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

HIWFRS kept busy with Bank Holiday Monday inclement weather incidents

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service crews and officers were busy on Bank Holiday Monday dealing with dangerous structures and damaged property caused by the inclement weather.

Here is a roundup of some of the incidents our firefighters were called out to:

  • At 19:12 a crew from Gosport fire station were called out to Blake Road where part of the wall structure had come loose on the roof of a property. Firefighters worked to make the scene safe before the left following the stop message at 21:25.
  • One Fareham crew were called out at 19:30 after the external wall of a shop on West Street, Fareham had collapsed onto the adjacent building’s roof. The building and adjacent restaurant were evacuated and a cordon set up, with USAR firefighters providing structural advice.
  • At 21:15 Cosham firefighters were called out to a block of flats on Havant Road after a second-floor window had buckled due to the wind and was in danger of falling onto the pedestrian footpath below. Once in attendance HIWFRS crews were able to quickly make the window safe.
  • An HIWFRS officer was mobilised to Meath Close on Hayling Island after the wind had caused a flat roof to begin peeling away. Occupiers were advised to relocate for the evening as no action was possible at the current time due to the dangerous weather conditions, but HIWFRS would be able to return if the roof deteriorated and urgent action was required.
  • Two crews from Southsea were called at 21:43 to Southsea Medical Centre after a temporary structure had disconnected from its anchor points. Firefighters partially deconstructed the structure, ensuring it had been sufficiently anchored, making it safe, before leaving the scene at 22:17.
  • One HIWFRS officer was mobilised at 22:22 to a block of flats in Ocean Village after reports of a cable from a window cleaning cage had come loose and was being blown about in the wind. On arrival the officer found the cable was secure, but requested with the building management for the maintenance company to secure the cable tighter. HIWFRS left the scene at 22:51.
  • At 22:36 St Mary’s and Southsea crews, including the aerial ladder platform were mobilised to a block on Canute Road in Ocean Village. HIWFRS Control Room had received a call reporting that metal sheets from the roof of the block had come loose and were in danger of falling onto the ground. Firefighters used the ALP to remove the sheet from the roof before the leaving the scene at 00:46.

Gosport roof Fareham roof

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