Business Fire Safety during Covid-19 pandemic

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is working closely with local authority partners as part of the Local Resilience Forum.


02/04/2020 12:00am


Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service

We have robust plans in place to keep the people of Hampshire safe and this includes business owners, building managers and staff across the county.

Whilst we will continue to respond to emergency calls, the latest government advice means we are now taking a risk-based approach to the delivery of business fire safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For urgent matters and where it is considered that there may be a risk to life, the attendance of a Fire Safety Officer will be made.

Officers will be provided with extra personal protection to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread.

We will also continue to provide business fire safety advice during this time. Further guidance and resources for businesses can be found on our website.

Responsible persons are reminded that they are responsible for:

  • ensuring fire safety.
  • protective and preventative measures.
  • the safety of any employees and relevant persons on their premises.

Your fire risk assessment should be reviewed regularly, as the coronavirus situation continually changes. You should consider:

  • Staffing levels, for example in care homes, should be maintained to ensure the emergency plan can be effectively managed.
  • Any contingency planning should include emergency evacuation.
  • Where stock piling of essentials has become necessary, this increases the fire loading. Ensure that this does not come into contact with ignition sources i.e. light fittings, and does not compromise the means of escape.
  • Maintain physical fire safety measures to prevent fire spread. We do not recommend propping open fire doors to minimise contact and spread of the virus.
  • Business are advised to follow Public Health guidance, particularly hand washing and social distancing.
  • Staff to be extra vigilant to prevent accidental fires, separating ignition sources from combustible items, etc.

During this time, we urge businesses to take extra care to protect themselves and remain vigilant, especially those who may be changing how their premises are used. Whilst additional control measures to protect against Covid-19 are crucial, fire safety should also remain a priority for businesses. Detailed guidance on fire safety law and guidance can be found at

Please continue to advise us of any fire safety risks in commercial premises such as locked or blocked exits on the numbers below:

  • Out of office hours (5 pm to 9 am):
    023 8038 6390
  • At weekends:
    023 8038 6390

Access the government’s Pandemic Influenza checklist for Businesses

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