Why work for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Finding the right job is a two-way thing.  It is as much about you finding where you fit in as it is us seeing whether you are just what we need.

Don't stop moving

Whilst the world panics around you, do you find yourself unfazed by pressure, spurred on to stay calm and take control?

In emergency situations our people stay centred, think clearly and do what they have been trained to do - take control.

Do you love those days when your plans change in a moment and you find yourself somewhere unexpected?

As a firefighter, when you hear the alarm, you need to drop what you are doing and be alert, ready and on the move within two minutes.

Do you find the more you learn, the more you know you will never stop learning?

Every day presents new opportunities to learn new things.  Every year presents greater opportunities for responsibility and career development.

Do you want your life to make a difference?

Are you an 'all or nothing' person who likes to give 100%?

Doing 'half a job' simply isn't an option - our people always put their hearts and souls into delivering the highest quality and accuracy in everything they do.

Are you always true to your work whatever it takes?

No matter what it takes, we strongly believe in meeting our promises and following through on our commitments.

Do you want to be a role model who the next generation will look up to?

It is the greatest honour - thinking about the impression and legacy that we leave through our judgement, courage and integrity inspires our people and runs through everything we do.

Whatever resources you have, do you relish the challenge of finding a way to fix a problem?

Finding solutions and using resources creatively to deliver a complex solution or deal with an unexpected challenge comes naturally to our people.

We've got your back

Would you prefer to share the glory with your team, rather than see you own name in lights?

There is no feeling like it.  Our people are driven by achieving results collectively as a team, supporting one another with pride and always delivering best service.

Do you always respect how others would like to be treated?

We walk the talk.  Serving others with respect even in the most challenging situations - whether it's a member of the public or a colleague - is a hallmark of our people.

Can you always see things from the other point of view?

Understanding the fears, apprehensions and needs of the community we serve, enables our people to deliver high quality customer service.

Every one of our people answered 'yes' to these questions. If you did too you are just the right kind of person to join our team and we'd be keen for you to take a look at our current vacancies.


  • You can view our current vacancies on our careers website.
  • Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service targets communications to underrepresented groups to encourage them to apply for employment as part of our 'positive action' work.