Incidents of interest


11/05/2022 3:45pm


Bucklers Hard, New Forest,

Firefighters rescue Paddy the horse from marshland

Paddy the horse found himself in a spot of bother when he got stuck in a muddy drainage channel full of reeds.

Firefighters from Beaulieu, Overton and Winchester came to the eight-year-old pony’s rescue, alongside a HIWFRS animal rescue advisor.

A vet sedated Paddy before the team used strops to pull him to safety. Once the sedation had worn off, Paddy was hosed down with warm water by fire crews.

Animal rescue advisor, Jim Green, said: “There were no injuries and that was down to the success of the team work between the vet and fire crews.”

Time of call: 15:45 Stop: 18:18



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