Caring lads thanked for helping injured man

Southampton friends awarded Chief Fire Officer's certificate after raising the alarm with firefighters

Redbridge FS


17/12/2021 8:25am


Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service

Three quick-thinking school friends have been praised for their kindness after they stopped to help a man in distress.

Freddy Muldowney, 12, Riley Cocks, 13, and 12-year-old Bailey Groome found the man lying injured and in pain in a side road opposite Redbridge Fire Station.

After phoning for an ambulance, Riley stayed with him while Freddy and Bailey raised the alarm with firefighters from Blue Watch.

The crew rushed over to help, providing immediate medical care, shielding the man from the rain with the station’s gazebo, wrapping him in insulating blankets and borrowing hot water bottles from nearby residents to keep him warm.

Police officers also helped out until colleagues from South Central Ambulance Service arrived to take the man to hospital.

The Redbridge Community School pupils were reunited with the grateful man’s family during a visit to the fire station on Thursday (16 December).

And they’ve all been presented with a Chief Fire Officer’s certificate of appreciation – plus boxes of chocolates from Blue Watch and the injured man’s family.

Redbridge certificate

Bailey’s mum Sammi Oak said:

“They were out when they found the gentleman lying on the floor and he obviously needed help.

“After phoning for the ambulance, Bailey and Freddy ran over the road and knocked on the door of the fire station and managed to get help.

“I think all three of them were really concerned about him and they just wanted to get help as quick as possible.

“I think it’s really good that they were able to think so quickly and to get help.

“I’m very proud.”

Station Manager Stu Vince said:

“I think it’s really nice to be able to see a good news story about some youngsters and for these three lads to get the praise they deserve.

“They’ve now met the man’s family and been reunited with the firefighters and police officers who helped, so it has closed the loop for them, and they’ve been able to see what they achieved by stopping to help.

“I’m also proud of Blue Watch. They were really professional and did a fantastic job with their immediate medical care skills.”

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