Susie the childminder
Susie Cover - Birthday Surprise
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Birthday Surprise

Susie and the children discover whether anyone has remembered the twin's birthday and hear how Josie saved the day and kept everyone safe when the smoke alarm went off.

Susie Cover - Paddling Up Stream
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Paddling Up Stream

Put on your wellies! Lydia and her friends are at the river learning how to keep safe in and around water as she attempts to save a lost duckling, or so she thinks!

Susie Cover - Snowflakes and Icicles
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Snowflakes and Icicles

As the magical snowflakes and icicles decorate the lane where Susie the childminder lives, the villagers need to work together to keep everyone safe. Find out if the children make it to Susie's house, when the school is closed, and if Nanny Dot manages to find the precious stone from her SO year old brooch.

Susie Cover - Sun Sea and Seashells
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Sun, Sea and Seashells

Susie and the children are at Susie's beach hut by the sea discovering how the contents of the 'Rainy Day Box' can help to keep them safe from the hot sun as they build castles of sand, play in the sea and collect buckets of seashells from the beach.

Susie Cover - The Flood
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The Flood

Join the children to find out what happens one very wet afternoon on the day the pet show was moved to Susie the childminder's house.

Susie Cover - Journey to school
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Journey to School

The children are going back to school and Susie has got them some great gifts to help them get there safely.

SusieCover - Back in time
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Travelling Back in Time to School

Susie and the children retrace Nanny Dot's journey to school back in 1946 and realise how very different the traffic was in those days. Will Kit's idea be a success and will Nanny Dot realise who was behind the surprise?

Snowflakes and Icicles - activities

When you have read Snowflakes and Icicles print out these fun activities and see if you can remember what you learnt from Susie and the children

How to keep your elderly neighbours safe

Remember the snow safety messages

Think of ways you can travel instead of using the car

Sun, Sea and Seashells - activities

When you have read Sun, Sea and Seashells print out these fun activities and see if you can remember what you learnt from Susie and the children

How to keep you and your neighbours safe in scorching hot weather

Remember what you can do to keep yourself safe in the sun

How to save water in a heat wave

Travelling Back In Time - activities

This book raises awareness of sustainable transport and highlights issue around road safety. When you have read the book, why not try some of these related activities in class or at home?

See if you can solve the clues which lead to a car-free, safer school run

Why not write a letter to your grown-ups at home to explain about “Park and Stride” and any ideas you have to suggest for your School Travel Plan? Perhaps you can then help to make your school run safer too?

This book aims to introduce children to the idea of a School Travel plan and how they can travel to and from school in a safe and more sustainable way. This document contains suggestions to extend the children’s learning through maths and English. They can be used as standalone activities or integrated into a whole school sustainability week.

The Flood - activities

When you have read The Flood print out these fun activities and see if you can remember what you learnt from Susie and the children

What would you put in your emergency grab bag?

How would you get help in an emergency?

What can you do to help?