FIDO, Hampshire Fire and Rescue's Fire Investigation Dog

Meet fido

Read the adventures of FIDO our Fire Investigation Dog
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Meet FIDO (Fire Investigation Dog)

FIDO activities

When you have read and enjoyed the F.I.D.O Adventures and learnt a bit about the Real Rescue dogs here at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, why not try these follow up activity ideas for the classroom or at home:

  • write a fictional newspaper article based on an incident that the arson dogs may have attended
  • do some research about other working dogs online: what breeds are popular as working dogs, how many organisations can you name who use working dog - test your adults at home
  • why not see what the real arson dogs are up to on twitter: @hantsfiredogs
  • write a story of a dog who solves a mystery or a crime - you could do it as a cartoon strip like Scooby Doo
  • write a care plan for a working dog, think about the differences between a working dog and a pet
  • paint a portrait of your dog or a dog you would like to own
  • make up a play to show your friends - who will be the hero?
  • write a letter to one of the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service dogs telling them what you've learned about keeping safe - they like hearing from young people like you