Lizzie's Accident: tap water is hot enough to scald

Lizzie's accident

Hot water burns like fire
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Each day six young children are admitted to hospital following a burn or scald. Because a young child's skin is so much thinner than an adult's, burns and scalds can inflict serious injuries and can scar for life. Physical scars can also lead to emotional scars - for the child as they grow up and for their family too.

A spilled cup of tea or coffee over a young child can result in a series of painful operations spanning years. But hot drink scalds are one of the simplest accidents to prevent. 

As part of our ongoing prevention work we produced a book with The Children’s Burns Trust called Lizzie’s Accident.  This book sensitively tells the true story of a little girl who was severely injured at play school and has been written to highlight the dangers of scalding.  It is designed for teachers, parents and carers to share with children to make sure this never happens to a child in their care. 

We are trying to spread this message to all the Early Years settings and  schools we work with and encourage all establishments that are responsible for the safety of small children to have a hot drinks policy. Why don’t  you print off our poster Thrills, not Spills! and display in your setting.