Reduce arson in Hampshire
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Reduce arson in your community

At your home, school and place of work

Call Crimestoppers

If you have information about someone deliberately starting fires call Crimestoppers 24/7 on 0800 555 111 

  • phone free any time
  • you will not be asked for your details
  • we will not contact you
  • you will not have to go to court
  • no-one will ever know who made the call
  • you may get a cash reward if your information leads to the charging of a suspect 

English not your main language? 

Call Crimestoppers 24/7 on 0800 555 111 and tell them which language you speak to be put through to someone.

Giving information online

Use Crimestoppers anonymous form to safely and securely pass information about crime or a Most Wanted appeal to them, click here:

Reduce arson in your local area


  • at night, park in a well lit place
  • remove the ignition key, close all the windows and lock the car
  • fit and use an anti-theft device
  • report abandoned cars to the police  

At your home

  • make sure that there is a strong front door fitted with strong locks and a chain
  • close all windows when the house is empty
  • lock all doors
  • don't let rubbish accumulate and keep bins away from the house  


  • empty litter bins twice a day
  • close doors throughout the school at the end of the day
  • securely fasten windows at night
  • report all fires, no matter how small, to the Fire Service 

Your business or place of work

  • don't let refuse rubbish accumulate and become a target for arson
  • anti-social behaviour is often linked to arson. Report such behaviour through your local neighbourhood policing team, neighbourhood watch or through Crimestoppers 
  • protect your commercial property. Seek advice from a security company but installing good lighting and CCTV will often act as a deterrent to criminals 
  • when locking up your business ensure:
  • all internal doors are closed
  • external doors are locked
  • no unauthorised persons are left on the premises
  • no accumulation of waste or rubbish is left
  • alarms are switched on

Take responsibility for your building and think of ways in which someone could start a fire inside or outside of your property. Act on any issues you find immediately and reduce the risk.