Road safety partnership
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Hampshire road safety partnership

Working together for safer roads for all in Hampshire 

Hampshire Road Safety Partnership

The road safety partnership is made up of: 

  • Hampshire County Council
  • Hampshire Constabulary
  • Southampton City Council 
  • Portsmouth City Council
  • Highways England 
  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service  


The partnership support each other through education and initiatives that target vulnerable groups and raise awareness of safety issues. 


Responsibilities of each partner:

Hampshire County Council have a statutory responsibility for road safety and tackle it in two ways, through education and the development of safety engineering solutions. Click here to find out more:

Southampton City Council and Portsmouth City Council have responsibility for road safety within their authority areas.

For Southampton City Council initiatives click here:

For Portsmouth City Council initiatives click here:

Hampshire Constabulary are an enforcement agency but lead on many education and campaign initiatives. Click here to find out more:

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service attend more road traffic incidents a year than house fires, so have a vested interest in road safety and promote the road safety themes of 'The Fatal Four'

  • Speed 
  • Lack of seatbelts 
  • Distractions 
  • Drink/drug impairment

For more information on 'The Fatal Four' click here:

Highways England are responsible for risk reduction on strategic road networks across the country and are committed to working with partners to reduce accidents and injuries. Click here for more information:

National road safety campaigns 

Hampshire Road Safety Partnership opportunities 

Safe Drive Stay Alive

A road safety partnership event hosted by Thames Valley Police targets college students throughout Hampshire. Click here for more information: 

Current Road Safety Educations Programmes from Hampshire County Council

Streets Ahead Pedestrian Training Scheme

Aimed at Year Two children and led by volunteers from each school the course involves three practical sessions for children to learn:

  • the Green Cross Code
  • what to wear and how to behave
  • keeping safe on the pavements 
  • how to find the safest route

Hampshire County Council currently have 2,500 children taking part in the scheme with 41 schools signed up.

Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) scheme

Junior Road Safety Officers are selected in each school from Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. The officers teach their peers about road safety through assemblies, having their own notice board and by running competitions. The JRSOs are trained at two annual events lead by the Road Safety Team at Hampshire County Council with a JRSO Champion of Champions event held at Winchester Fire Station each summer. 

To date Hampshire has over 300 JRSOs in 150 schools meaning 35,000 children across the county are being reached. 


Hampshire County Council offers Level 2 Bikeability to primary schools and Level 2 and 3 to secondary schools, giving children the opportunity to develop new sills, improve confidence and gain a sense of pride and achievement. The Road Safety Team currently have funding for and are training 7,610 children across Hampshire, with the majority of schools signed up.

Walk to School Week

The Road Safety Team at Hampshire County Council offer material to all schools free to charge to take part. Children who walk to school for the whole week receive stickers and a certificate. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to reduce congestion outside schools, promote healthy living as well as teaching pedestrian skills. This year 94,000 children took part in schools across Hampshire. 


'StreetSense' is aimed at secondary school students aged 11-16 and highlights the dangers of being distracted when travelling on foot or bike. 

The Road Safety Team at Hampshire County Council are currently working with 50 secondary schools out of 70 across Hampshire, which means key messages will reach 47,000 students each year.

Think First

Think First is a young drivers programme aimed at 17-24 year old drivers targeted at Fresher's Fayres, colleges and schools and at Safe Drive Stay Alive.