Friends Drive Safe
Friends Drive Safe

Friends Drive Safe

Don’t let your friendship die on the road!

You are young, free and have a license to drive…but did you know in Hampshire under 25 year olds account for 38% of road casualties.

In 2013, 21 fatalities were reported – that’s 21 too many. We don’t want you to let your friendship die on the road, so do your bit and look out for your friends.

Its prom night and these high school sweethearts are celebrating the end of school, exams and looking forward to their future…but what happens next?

A young driver has just passed his test and takes his friends for a spin. A short drive soon turns into a peer pressured fuelled game of overtaking recklessly, but what will this quick spin cost the driver?

Hitting the dancefloor in style with all the right moves, it’s just you and your friends, nothing else matters right?

On a mission to shop till they drop three best friends are singing, laughing and picking their outfits for a night out. Nothing can distract them from their party planning right?

Fatal Four

'The Fatal Four’ nationally recognised as speed, distraction, seatbelts, alcohol and drug use are the most common causes of road collisions.

The chance to save your friends life is in your hands!

A simple nudge when the speedometer rises, taking that call or answering a text for the driver, a friendly reminder to buckle up or calling a taxi after a night out on the town, are all ways you could literally save lives.

Thames Valley Police, Hampshire Police and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service