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Do you have fire safety concerns about anyone you know or work with? Make a referral to us, and we will work with you to make sure that person is safe in their own home.

Before making a referral

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About the occupier
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If you are referring on behalf of someone else do you have their consent
Question 1: In your opinion are there signs of carelessness with smoking materials including burn marks around the home and on bedding?
Question 2: Does the person you’re referring present a fire risk when cooking?
Question 3: Does the person you are referring have a physical impairment or cognitive impairment which would prevent or hinder them from escaping a fire in an emergency?
Question 4: Do they have a sensory impairment (sight/hearing/touch or taste) which may put them at more risk of having a fire?
Question 5: Does the person you are referring use substances (alcohol and/or drugs) which may affect their escape in the event of a fire?
Question 6: Are you aware if the person you are referring uses oxygen within the home?
Question 7: In your opinion does the person you’re referring collect and store items around the home which may be considered hoarding?
Question 8: Does the person you are referring live alone?
Question 9: In your opinion do they have inadequate means for raising the alarm in the case of fire (ie no smoke detection)?
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