Safe & Well assessment
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Safe & Well assessment

Find out if you are eligible for a free visit

Self assessment

If you or the person you have in mind fits one or more of the characteristics below, we would advise that you make a Safe & Well referral.

  • is over 65 years of age
  • lives alone
  • has a physical and/or learning disability
  • has any sensory impairment
  • is known to be substance or alcohol dependent
  • is unable to protect themselves from harm
  • is experiencing domestic abuse
  • is returning from hospital and there are fire risk concerns identified, for example burn marks on bedding, furniture or carpets; electrical faults in the home; unsafe practices with fire, cooking or heating; hoarding; the occupier smokes; no fire detection is present in the property

Not eligible for a Safe & Well visit?

If you or the occupier are not eligible for a home safety visit, there are still actions you can take to reduce the risk from fire in the home:

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Act now to protect your home, your loved ones and yourself.

Take our FREE online home safety check now for tailored advice to keep you safe in your home.

Our community safety team

Our dedicated team of firefighters, community safety officers and volunteers have a varied range of skills including British Sign Language (BSL) and are able to offer visits that are Dementia Friendly.

If you would like some home safety advice, please call our community safety team on: 023 8062 6751, weekdays 9am - 5pm or email