Prevent fires when using candles
Candle Safety

Candle light safety

Keep you and your family safe from naked flames

Candles make a birthday party, give a winter’s night a warm glow and scent a room, but left unattended, an open flame can destroy your home in minutes. 

Use candles safely by:

  • making sure candles are secured in a candle holder and away from material that may catch fire, like curtains or loose fitting clothes
  • don’t burn lots of candles close together, this may cause a larger flame and do not move a candle once lit.
  • put candles, incense or oil burners out when you leave the room, go to bed or leave the house 
  • never leave children or pets alone with burning candles
  • alternatively you could use an LED candle to create the mood without the risk


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Candle safety