Actions to take if you're trapped by fire
trapped by fire

Actions to take if you're trapped by fire

What to do if you're trapped by fire in your home or in your flat

You’ve discovered a fire in your home, rang 999 but now are unable to leave, you will need to:

  • Get everyone together preferable in a room at the front of the house
  • Children can hide in the panic, if safe call out to them or lead them into the safest room with you
  • Close the door and put clothes or sheets along the bottom of the door to stop smoke getting in
  • Your bedroom door will keep smoke and flames back for a short while. Fire doors in rented accommodation will protect you for even longer. Giving the fire service time to rescue you.
  • Turn the lights on in the room, you will be able to see better and you will be seen much easier from the outside
  • Open the windows and shout fire! fire!
  • By opening the windows your shout for help will be heard better and you will be letting smoke out of the room and allowing fresh air in to help you breath
  • Stay in this room until the fire service arrives, someone from our control room will stay on the line with you throughout
  • Do not jump from the window unless the conditions in the room are so bad that you have to leave

If you have to leave by a window

  • Only leave by the window as a last resort
  • Don’t jump, lower yourself to arms length from the window sill and drop
  • Don’t try to push a mattress out of the window, it will get stuck and you will not be able to get out. It would also make it much harder for a firefighter to get in and rescue you
  • If the surface below your window is hard, you could throw some bedding to soften your landing
  • If you have a baby or a very small child in the room, put them inside a quilt cover and lower them at arms length to the ground
  • Always lower any children out of the window first. Children do not follow and if you go first as an adult they could be left alone and trapped
  • Remember to grasp children around the wrist, so that when you let go they have no option but to fall. Holding a child’s hand allows them to hang on to you, as they won’t want to let go
  • When lowering yourself last make sure you’ve got a clear space to land 

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