Replacing lost or damaged documents
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Replacing lost or damaged documents

You may have lost important documents in a fire - how do you get replacements?

Please note: there may be a charge for the supply of some duplicate documents.

Bank details, debit and credit cards

If these are destroyed or damaged, contact your branch who can issue replacements.


You can replace your passport by filling in a form online at

Driving License and vehicle documents

Your driving license can be replaced by the DVLA online at

Your insurance company will provide a duplicate vehicle insurance certificate.

You will need to contact the garage which issued your last MOT certificate, for a replacement or have the vehicle retested.

Birth, marriage and death certificates

Contact the original Office of Registration who can provide duplicates.

Divorce decree

Contact the court office where the decree was made, they will assist in providing a duplicate.


Contact your solicitor.

Income tax records

Your employer will know which tax office to contact or visit

Medical records

Original documents will be held at your doctor’s surgery.


Take burnt money to your bank. They will send it to the Bank of England for verification and then credit you the amount agreed.

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