Is it safe?
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Is it safe?

We know you want to get back to your home as quickly as possible, but is it safe to return to?

Cooling down

After a fire has been extinguished it will take several hours for the building to cool down.


The building may expand and contract while the brickwork and plasters cools down, parts of the structure may become dislodged and fall. Do not enter unless you have to and not without seeking professional advice first.

Often walls must be breached to ensure that no ‘hidden’ fires are still burning. This may mean that after the fire, the damage may appear excessive and you may need to wear protective clothing and a hard hat to enter the property.

Are you connected?

The fire and rescue service may have isolated your gas, electric and water supplies.

You must not attempt to reconnect these until checked by a registered gas engineer, electrician or plumber.

Failure to do so may result in a fire or flood.