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From firefighting drills, first aid training and getting to grips with using real firefighting equipment you'll become part of the fire service family in your cadet uniform, represent the service in your community and make new friends. 

Apply now to become a Fire Cadet

We currently run a Fire Cadet Unit in Ringwood - click here to apply

From June 2019, we will be launching two new Cadet units in Eastleigh and Gosport - click here to apply

By 2021 we aim to have 7 units across Hampshire offering over 100 young people the opportunity to complete a Cadet programme each year. 

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Fire Cadet - 13-17 years old

This is the start of your journey where you'll become a cadet meet new people and work together to make a positive impact in your community.

What do you learn as a Fire Cadet?

  • Emergency Response - how to create a home fire escape plan, how to respond to fires in the home and how HFRS works with partner emergency services 
  • First Aid - basic first aid training is crucial to help you and others around you
  • Fire Safety - Learn how to keep yourself and others around you safe by learning about hazards around the home, risks on the road and how to prevent fires in your community
  • Firefighting Skills - using real service equipment you'll run out fire hoses, climb ladders, operate a fire pump and use the tools and equipment used to cut open cars
  • Social Action & Volunteering Skills - make a positive impact on your community by fundraising for charities and planning and organising local events
  • Fire Service Training and Open Days - help give back to your community by being involved in fire station open days, local community events and service training drills
  • Get Active - learn about health, nutrition and fitness for a healthier wellbeing
  • Enrichment Activities - improve your team building and problem solving skills by visiting other fire stations, trying new things and enjoying residential trips away
  • Complete a BTEC Level 2 Award in Fire and Rescue Services in the Community qualification 

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Graduate Fire Cadet Ranking

Once you've completed your first year as a cadet and gained your BTEC Level 2 Award, you will be given the opportunity to apply to be a Graduate Fire Cadet. 

A Graduate Fire Cadet can then become a Crew, Watch or Station Manager, allowing you to develop your leadership and problem solving skills. This leadership role will massively help increase your confidence and ability to solve problems under pressure. 

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Volunteer Fire Cadet Instructor - 18+

Once you've reached 18 and completed your Fire Cadets Training and gained your BTEC Level 2 Certificate you'll have the opportunity to apply to become a Volunteer Instructor.

As a Volunteer Instructor you'll be able to pass on your experiences to the new Fire Cadet recruits, support them with their journey and further develop your confidence, leaderships and communications skills. 

This role will give you evidence to put on your CV ready for when you leave school or college and start applying for work or university. 

Become a Fire Service Volunteer

There are lots of opportunities across the service to put your ability, skills and talents into practice. 

To find out more click here: 

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