Become a Fire Cadet with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
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Fire Cadets

A uniformed youth organisation which inspires and empowers young people to be the best they can be. Open to all young people aged 13 to 17 years, cadets is a national programme delivered through Fire and Rescue Services. 

What is Fire Cadets?

A nationally recognised programme which offers young people aged 13 to 17 the opportunity to gain essential social, life, work and wellbeing skills, the opportunity to gain a BTEC Level 2 qualification and develop their confidence and personal skills. 

Fire Cadets provides fun and challenging opportunities for young people to reach their full potential contributing to safer, stronger and healthier communities. 

Fire Cadets meets for 2 hours, one evening per week at a local fire station. Cadet units run during school term time only. 

Why should I join Fire Cadets? 

Not only will you have lots of fun and meet new people, you will:

  • Learn new skills such as:

First Aid

Firefighting skills

Social and communications skills

Teamwork, leadership and problem solving skills

Improve your health, fitness and wellbeing

  • Believe in yourself - with Fire Cadets you can gain more confidence and grow in self-esteem
  • Complete a BTEC Level 2 in Fire and Rescue Service in the Community - a FREE qualification that will help with college enrolments and potentially support a job in the future
  • Make new friends - You will meet new people and make friends which will make you feel part of the Fire Service Family
  • Contribute to your local community - by taking part in social action projects and volunteering in the community 
  • Gain application and interview skills - as you apply to be a cadet and if in the future you choose to apply to become one of our Graduate Cadets. These skills will be invaluable when applying for college, finding work or taking a GAP year. Cadets will allow you to improve these skills and give you experiences and qualifications to talk about in college and work interviews
  • Have a great experience to add to your CV

Find out about the Fire Cadets journey

You can become a Fire Cadet from aged 13 until 17, completing our one academic year long Cadet programme. Your journey doesn't stop there, with the opportunity to graduate after one year to become a Cadet Crew Manager, Watch Manager or Station Manager, similar to the Fire Service rank structure. 

At aged 18+ you can also apply to become a volunteer Fire Cadet Instructor. 

To find out more and start your own journey click here:

Hear our Fire Cadet's stories

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Interested in becoming a volunteer Fire Cadet instructor?

We need amazing volunteers to help deliver our Fire Cadet units. We're looking for firefighters, non-operational fire service staff and members of our units local community to help deliver the programme. 

There are a wide variety of different ways in which you can support the work of the Fire Cadet Unit.

For more information, to hear from our current volunteers and to apply click here: