Religious festivals and celebrations
Religious Festivals

Religious festivals and celebrations

Celebrate your festival safely

Whether you’re celebrating, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Christmas or another religious celebration we want you to enjoy the occasion and remain safe. Follow our simple tips:

Using Chinese sky lanterns

Increasingly popular for celebrating weddings, Diwali and bonfire night. Once lit and released there is no control over a lanterns direction or where it lands and this could have serious consequences.

Protect you, your family and property

  • never let a child lit a lantern
  • adults should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol – they are responsible for the lantern once lit
  • have a water supply available, lanterns or clothing may ignite if the lantern isn’t launched correctly
  • keep the launch area clear of combustible materials, power lines and away from trees and houses, especially thatched roof homes
  • all observers must stand clear of the launch area upwind
  • do not smoke whilst handling lanterns
  • do not attempt to launch damaged lanterns, writing messages on the paper can cause damage
  • avoid launch areas near airports and motorways – you could cause a distraction


Diwali safety advice

Known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ some celebrate by burning a lamp or candle throughout the day.

Protect you, your family and property check your smoke alarm


Candle light advice

  • make sure candles are secured in a candle holder and away from anything at could catch fire, like curtains or ornaments
  • put candles/oil lamps out before you leave a room and before you go to bed. If you plan to burn a candle/lamp all day, then ensure someone is always in the room
  • never leave children or pets alone with burning candles or oil burners

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Cooking safely tips

  • never leave cooking unattended
  • switch off the oven and hob when you have finished cooking and take pans off the heat

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Fireworks safety

We would always recommend attending a public display but if you do plan on hosting your own display please follow our fireworks safety advice, click here:

Christingle advent services

The symbolic Christingle used during Advent in Christian denominations comes with a level of risk but if used responsibly can add a wonderful effect to your Advent celebrations.

Please follow our top tips

  • a responsible adult should be with any children with Christingles always
  • an adult should light the candle for a child and distinguish the light after use
  • ensure the candle is firmly fitted into your orange and can’t be knocked easily
  • ensure any decoration on the orange such as the fruit isn’t too close to the flame
  • children should tie their hair back and wear fitted clothes to avoid their hair or clothes catching
  • ensure a water supply is available and the churches fire extinguishers are maintained

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