Fire safety advice: before and during your holiday
Safety going on holiday

Going on holiday

Simple fire safety precautions to keep you safe whilst on holiday

Before you go away

  • turn off all gas appliances that are not required to run while you are away
  • turn off and unplug all unnecessary electrical appliances
  • close all internal doors; should a fire occur, it will be contained and cause less damage
  • turn off water at the mains: water from a leaking pipe or overflowing from a cistern could short out electrical wiring and cause a fire
  • empty all rubbish bins and ashtrays
  • tell a relative, friend or neighbour that you are going away and leave a key with them if possible
  • check your smoke alarms are working  

While you are away

When staying in hotels or apartments:

  • walk your escape route(s) and find your final exit doors
  • having an escape plan is even more important when you are in an unfamiliar place
  • check the position of fire alarm call points and fire-fighting equipment
  • read the fire instructions displayed in your room and at reception
  • ask where the assembly point is in case of fire, so people will know you are safely outside