Will you get a trick or treat?

This Halloween follow our simple steps to keep your little pumpkins safe and well. 

  • Keep all fancy dress costumes away from naked flames
  • Use LED candles in pumpkins - they don't blow out and they are much safer
  • Check the labels on any fancy dress outfits you buy for fire resistance and a registered trademark
  • Remember, cheaper products are more likely to be counterfeit and could burn quickly if they caught fire
  • Burns and scalds last a lifetime. Remember if clothing does catch fire, stop, drop and roll until the fire is out
  • In an emergency cool any burns with large amounts of water and get urgent medical assistance

Happy trick or treating!

No trick or treat please

Halloween isn't celebrated by all and for many can be the scariest night of the year.

Do your bit by respecting the wishes of those who don't want to take part and look out for elderly family and neighbours who may be on their own.

For more advice and to download your FREE "No Trick or Treat" poster from Hampshire Police click here.

If you feel threatened in your home, please contact the police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.