Romsey firefighters host team day with Environment Agency

Romsey firefighters host team day with Environment Agency

Teams share skills and get hands-on with firefighting equipment

A team day has been held where firefighters and workers from the Environment Agency met to learn more about each other’s roles and share knowledge.

The event was organised by Crew Manager Frank Long and included EA staff from across the county and beyond.

CM Long said: 

“The purpose is to show how the fire service responds to an incident and how the equipment they provide aids us.

“To build on the partnership relationship that can be so important during an incident.

“Our aim is to better understand how to provide assistance in reducing or preventing flooding and other environmental issues.”

The service and the agency work closely together to deal with issues from extreme weather and flooding to road traffic incidents and fires.

Phil Matthews from the EA said: 

“The day was very informative. It was helpful to see how the equipment was being used.

“It was good to see how the firefighters’ command structure works and have the chance to ask questions.”

Deb Cunningham, from EA, said: 

“It was a really useful, informative and fun session that takes the mystery out of each other’s roles.”

The event was held on Wednesday, April 20, at Romsey Fire Station.

Team day
Team day