Guinea Pigs saved by firefighters

Guinea pigs saved by firefighters

A glass ornament left on a windowsill which magnified the heat of the sun

Two guinea pigs were rescued by firefighters from Hightown and St Mary’s after a blaze broke out in a flat in Southampton at 09:59 yesterday (25/03/19).  

The fire caused significant damage to the property. The fire was sparked by a glass ornament left on a windowsill which magnified the heat of the sun.

This led to the curtains catching alight which quickly spread throughout the resident’s living room.

When crews arrived, they noticed two guinea pigs among the flames. Crews were quick to act, picking the cage up and removing the fluffy creatures.  

Four pumps were used to extinguish the fire and the stop message came in at 10:52. 

When the fire broke out the pet owner was not home but when she returned, she was happily re-united with her beloved guinea pigs.

Firefighters are urging residents to be aware that strong spring and summer sun shining into rooms can focus on mirrors and glass ornaments. 

Glenn Bowyer, Group Manager for Community Safety said: 

“Incidents like this are a rare occurrence, but a shocking reality, which can cause significant damage to your home. 

“We advise people not to keep magnifying beauty mirrors or glass objects next to windows. In direct sunlight mirrors and glass can magnify the sun’s rays and burn soft furnishing in the room.

“Removing items out of direct sunlight and closing your curtains or blinds when you’re out for the day can limit the room's exposure.”

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Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pigs