Sprinkler System catches high-rise flat fire early

Sprinkler system catches high-rise flat fire early

Crews from Southsea Fire Station were called to the building which had seen the fire extinguished by sprinklers.

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A first-floor kitchen fire was extinguished when a building’s sprinkler system activated.

Crews from Southsea Fire Station were called on Saturday (19th August) to a fire in the high-rise flat in Harbour Ridge, Queen Street in Portsmouth.

The incident took place just months after the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London and following Hampshire Chief Fire Officer Dave Curry’s call for sprinklers to be fitted into all high-rise buildings.

He said: "Time and again, sprinklers have been proven to prevent the spread of fire in buildings and drastically reduce the threat to life. 

"In Hampshire, we are working with all high-rise building owners and landlords to ensure all of these structures are inspected and that residents feel safe in their homes.

If you live in a high-rise building and want more information visit the high-rise safety page on our website https://t.co/B9WpfVfEOn