Fire crews tackle high-rise fire in Portsmouth

Fire crews tackle high-rise kitchen fire in Portsmouth

The blaze at Gunwharf Quays was caused by unattended cooking
25 February 2017

More than 45 firefighters attended a high-rise cooking fire in Portsmouth.
The fourth floor blaze broke out in a 10-storey building near the busy shopping complex of Gunwharf Quays at 12.58pm on Saturday, February 25.
Nine fire engines with specialist vehicles including the Southsea Ariel Ladder Platform attended.
An investigation confirmed the fire started in a kitchen and was due to unattended cooking.

The wind-driven fire was extinguished shortly after 2pm. The flat was destroyed and the building damaged.
Three people were treated at the scene for minor smoke inhalation.
Deputy Chief Officer Neil Odin said:

“Firefighters faced difficult circumstances and hot conditions but tackled the blaze quickly and kept residents safe.
"I would like to thank all the crews involved for the skill, dedication and bravery they showed in the way they dealt with the incident and their rapid intervention.”

Kitchen fires account for more than half of all accidental house fires and most fire related injuries.

Station Manager Glenn Bowyer said: 

“The fire at Gunwharf Quays shows the devastation that can be caused by a lack of safety in the kitchen.

“There is no excuse for leaving cooking unattended. Take pans off the heat when you are finished and ensure the oven or hob is switched off.

“Spark devices are safer than matches or lighters when using gas cookers and ensure electrical leads, tea towels and loose hanging clothing do not come into contact with any oven or hob.

“You should also not cook if you have been drinking alcohol. Smoke alarms should be properly fitted on every floor as well as being regularly tested.

“I would like to commend the hard work and professionalism of our crews. Nobody was seriously injured in this high-rise blaze – this may not be the case next time.”