Eid celebrations arranged by St Mary's Fire Station

Eid celebrations arranged by St Mary’s

St Mary’s Fire Station welcomed the public to celebrate Eid.
14 July 2017
St Mary's Eid 4.jpg
The community enjoyed their day at St Mary's

St Mary’s Fire Station opened their doors on Monday (June 26) to the public to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid.

A large turnout from the community which enjoyed an afternoon trying out the hoses, looking around the fire engines and having fun on the bouncy castle.

Watch Manager Tim Harrison organised the event and went along to the Southampton Medina Mosque when they broke their fast to learn more about their faith on Friday.

The Muslim community presented their station with a hamper full of tea’s, chocolates and a plaque which quotes the Qur’an verse:

“And if anyone saves a life, it would be as if they saved all human kind.”

Watch Manager Tim Harrison said: “We were overwhelmed with the response of the Muslim community to support our event and of their appreciation for organising it.

“In the future I intend to accept the offers of help with future station events and build upon this new relationship we have formed. For example we have three volunteers from the event attending the Southampton Mela on the 15 July.”

The event was supported by our Inclusion and Diversity Team, who reach out to different parts of the community to engage them with the fire service.

Inclusion and Diversity Partner Dalvinder Rai said: “The response was overwhelming, everyone had a fantastic time and felt really welcomed.”

To find out more about their activities and the upcoming Southampton Mela, follow them on Twitter @HFRSInclusion.

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The station was presented with gifts
St Mary's Eid 1.jpg
Trying out the hoses