Bright spark schoolboy averts house fire

Bright spark schoolboy averts house fire

Seven-year-old uses safety tips from firefighters to prevent blaze
21 April 2017

A Hampshire schoolboy who dreams of being a firefighter has been praised for preventing a blaze despite being just seven years old.

Ian Savage was vacuuming to earn his pocket money when smoke started to billow out the machine.

However, instead of panicking he used safety advice he had been given by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Children and Young People’s schools team - and were reiterated by Firefighter Linda Elmer who visited his school.

He said he remembered the team emphasising how important it was to ensure plugs were turned off to prevent electrical fires in the home and being told to raise the alarm immediately.

Mum Amy, who works for the NHS, was in the shower at the time and dad Gareth, an electronics engineer, was packing the car at the end of a family holiday in France.

Mrs Savage, from Eastleigh, said:

“I was so proud of Ian and impressed that he had remembered what he had been told by the firefighters.

“If he had just walked off and ignored it or tried to pour water on it things could have been much worse.

“I rushed downstairs when he shouted for me to find there was nothing left for me to do as he had turned the power off.

“The room was filled with smoke and it made me think if it wasn’t for his quick thinking a fire could have broken out.”

Ian, now aged eight, who attends Fryern Junior School, in Chandler’s Ford, said:

“We were visited by firefighters a couple of times.

“The thing I enjoyed the most was sitting in the engine.”

He went on to say he wanted to work in the emergency services when he grows up and that from their home near Eastleigh Fire Station they listen to the sirens as the crews are mobilised.

The school’s team advise children that, in the event of a fire, they should get out, stay out and call 999.

They also emphasise the importance of letting an adult know straight away and knowing their home address so they can tell the fire service where they are.

Community Safety Group Manager Glenn Bowyer said:

“We would like to say well done to Ian for his quick thinking.

“We are thrilled that he remembers his visit and that children so young are picking up safety messages and helping us protect the communities of Hampshire."

Ian, his sister Frances, aged five and his mum were treated to a tour of Eastleigh Fire Station for his achievement.

Ian and his sister meet Eastleigh crew
Ian and his sister meet Eastleigh crew