Tell the Home Secretary what you think?

Tell the Home Secretary what you think?

More fire service information may soon be available online
01 July 2016

How good is your fire service?

The Home Office wants to get your views to work out how best to make relevant information available.

It is planned that more information will be published online and enable the public to measure Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service against others in performance, value for money and diversity.

This, the Home Office, believes will make the service more accountable.

Interim Director of Fire and Resilience Daniel Greaves said:

“Last month, the Home Secretary set out her vision for the fire and rescue service in England.

“One element is to bring greater transparency to the fire and rescue sector by publishing more service information to the public online, just as the Home Office has done with policing.”

The public can have their say online until July 8.

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