Firefighters tackle blaze after firework shop goes up in flames

Firefighters tackle blaze after firework shop goes up in flames

A giant fireball has devastated a building with blast debris even taking out two nearby traffic lights
13 May 2016

Fire crews battled a giant blaze after hundreds of fireworks caught light at a Southampton shop this morning

About 100 firefighters and support staff tackled the dramatic fire at the Flower Factory, which also sells fireworks, in Bitterne Road West, Southampton.

Homes within 100-metres of the fire were evacuated as the flames engulfed the flat above.

The blaze raged for hours as fireworks continued to explode and took out two nearby traffic lights.

Nobody was injured in the incident which involved 13 fire engines and numerous support vehicles.

Area Manager Mark Rayner, who was incident commander, said: “Our priorities were to carry out the evacuation to ensure the safety of the public, stop the spread of the fire to other businesses and minimise disruption.

“Thankfully nobody was hurt and we were able to deal with the complex situation quickly and effectively.”

The fire broke out about 5am and several nearby roads were closed.

Two schools have also been closed today due to the incident.

About 60 people are believed to have been moved from their homes and others were advised to close their doors and windows.

A fire investigation is currently underway.