Fire service can now MOT your car

Fire service can now MOT your car

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service can give your vehicle an independent MOT
03 June 2016

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service are offering a new facility to the public.. and it’s one you might not expect.

The organisation, which specialises in frontline rescues and preventative work, can now also carry out MOTs.

HFRS are offering the service from its shared headquarters in Eastleigh.

It has now launched a campaign to raise awareness of the independent service it can give to private motorists.

The service was initially set up as it was better value than outsourcing work on HFRS cars but giving MOTs to other vehicles also helps offset the cost of the fleet maintenance operation.

Repair work is not offered. The vehicle will either pass the MOT or fail with a list of issues that can then be worked on.

Operations and delivery manager Darren House said:

“What we offer the public is a completely independent MOT.

“This could be an option for people who want to arrange the work themselves which some people may prefer while others would rather have the one-stop convenience of taking it to a garage.”

The fleet maintenance team, run in partnership with Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, charge £48 and currently do about three a day.

For more information or to book an MOT call 023 8062 6750.

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