Fatal Four tackled by lifesaving project

Fatal Four tackled by lifesaving project

A lifesaving road safety initiative has been launched focusing on the ‘fatal four’ behaviours that cause the majority of deaths on the road.
20 October 2015

A lifesaving road safety initiative has been launched focusing on the ‘fatal four’ behaviours that cause the majority of deaths or serious injuries in road collisions.

The initiative, championed by businesses and led by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, focuses on inappropriate speed, driver distractions (smart phone use, drinking coffee at the wheel etc.), not wearing a seatbelt and drink or drug driving.

The project, developed by ex-B&Q marketing communications specialist Phil Palfrey, is calling on businesses to add stickers to the back of each of the vehicles in their fleet covering the fatal four and also reminding drivers of the importance of leaving enough space between them and the vehicle in front. Following too closely is the most common cause of collisions costing businesses millions of pounds every year.

At only £2.75 a vehicle, the cost of outfitting every vehicle in the Homebase fleet more than made sense for Group Health and Safety Manager Andy Leigh:

“The cost of applying the five-sticker sets to the back doors of the entire Homebase fleet equates to the damage caused by one minor rear-end shunt, or trading disruption through one store resulting from a collision-related road closure.

"This is a great, low cost initiative that provides a simple reminder of road safety rules that will save lives, save businesses money and help to keep traffic flowing."

Councillor Sean Woodward, Executive Member for Economy and Transport at Hampshire County Council, who are applying the stickers to their 1000-strong fleet, added:

“This is a great initiative and one that I’m very pleased the County Council is part of. I hope that more of Hampshire’s businesses will also join in and display the images on their vehicles so that they become a daily feature on Hampshire roads and their message is reinforced every time they are seen.”

Portsmouth and Southampton City Council fleets will also be displaying the stickers, having worked closely with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and Hampshire Constabulary on the development of the initiative. Luckett’s Coaches, Radian, TJ Waste and Radio Taxis (Southampton), are just a few of the Hampshire businesses who are already applying the stickers to their fleets during routine services, so the images are set to become a common sight on Hampshire’s roads.

The project has also secured the support of major national road safety organisations including Road Safety GB, RoSPA, IAM, the Chief Fire Officers’ Association and the Association of British Insurers, as well as international interest from as far away as South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the US.

Steve Foye, Head of Community Safety at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, said:

“With a the A36 in Hampshire recently named the second most dangerous in the country – it’s clear to see why it is so important that people are aware and reminded of ‘fatal four’; speed, distraction, seatbelts and drink and drug use.

"With your help this project can reduce the number of people killed every year on roads across the country. Whether you work for yourself or an employer, you can do your part by getting these stickers on as many vehicles as possible.

"As well as showing a commitment to safety, everyone can benefit from reducing the disruption caused by road collisions and businesses can be more prosperous. The artwork is available for free online and the more people that add it to their vehicles, the more lives that will be saved.”

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