Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service: incidents of interest

Incidents of interest

Incident date and time
09/01/2020 11:56
Incident Type
Nothing rattles our firefighters…
Description of Incident
Eastleigh firefighters dash-ed to the rescue after a woman’s pet snake had escaped and was hiding in the dashboard of her car. 
Having picked up the three-foot albino corn snake from a friend the previous day, the constrictor had slithered from its box whilst being driven home and hid itself within the white Ford Fiesta. 
The woman attempted to retrieve the animal herself – using a dead mouse to coax it out – before pulling up at the fire station as a last resort. 
Using a snake-eye camera, firefighter Jason Ralph and Watch Manager Daryll Pynigar were unable to locate the whereabouts of the troublesome reptile and charm it out. 
But under the advice of Animal Rescue Tactical Advisor Kevin Baker, crews turned the heating on in the car and within half an hour, the snake poked its head from the dashboard in search of colder air. 
After the removal of a few panels, the snake was successfully recovered and placed into a bag where it was left in the care of its new owner.
Steele Close
Chandler's Ford
SO53 3AA
United Kingdom