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11/06/2021 5:04am


Western Docks, Southampton, United Kingdom

Southampton firefighters tackle blaze involving 35,000 tonnes of scrap metal at Western Docks

Southampton firefighters tackled a scrap metal blaze at the Western Docks.

At just after 5am Redbridge and St Mary’s crews, including the aerial ladder platform, were called to the large fire involving more than 35,000 tonnes of scrap metal.

On-site machinery such as cranes and tug boats were in operation to assist with firefighting efforts. 

Local residents were advised to keep windows and doors closed due to the smoke. 

Water run-off was contained as crews are using jets to stop the fire.

Group Manager Paul Reddish said:

“The fire is now under control and we will shortly be returning to station.

“It was a deep-seated fire in a 35,000 tonne pile of scrap metal, but thanks to the actions of our crews working alongside the port staff, who are operating cranes and other machinery to assist with firefighting efforts, we were able to access the fire and limit fire spread.

“We were also supported by our Environment Agency partners in ensuring any water run-off from the fire was contained.”

The stop message came in at 10:23.

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