Performance standards

Performance standards

How we measure our response
Thatch fire, Longparish, 1 April 2015

We have developed a set of response standards in which we aim to arrive at the scene of an incident within an acceptable, timely manner.

These targets are as follows:

  • Critical response (8/80) - this response standard has been created to ensure that an appliance will be in attendance within eight minutes, 80% of the time, where there is risk to life or property.

  • Non-critical response (15/100) - non-critical incidents are those where there is no apparent threat to life or major risk to property. We aspire to reach 100% of these incidents within 15 minutes.

  • Other response (60/100) - other calls are often advice related. These are usually attended by a single officer to give expertise on a situation that may require further fire service intervention. We aim to attend 100% of these incidents within 60 minutes.

We publish our performance in relation to these standards every quarter in a report to the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority's Performance Review and Scrutiny Committee.

These reports are available through the agenda and minutes for these meetings.

Performance Review and Scrutiny Committee