Assurance Statement 2015

Improving and reviewing
We believe in continual improvement and constantly look to develop what we do for the community as well as ensure that we provide value for money. To achieve this improvement we seek information from our community about their satisfaction and encourage feedback from staff, partner organisations, and other professionals.

We gather information from members of the public after incidents and undertake a range of audits and assessments, both internally and by external bodies. All of these are used to assist us to understand our strengths and weaknesses and inform our strategic assessment and Service plan.

This constant process of review helps us to improve our performance, making Hampshire a safer place to live. We are very proud of our past performance. However we will not stand still and are always developing new initiatives.

To improve our services and ensure we are delivering the best service to the public we focus our attention on three key areas, Financial, Governance and Operational. These areas help strengthen our organisation and give us a solid platform to grow.

It is important that public money is well used and appropriately managed. We do this by using proper accounting practice within our own set of regulations. This means that when we plan our budget or require additional funds, there are protocols to give appropriate scrutiny on how public money is to be used and to ensure there is clear justification to do so.


As well as having financial regulations and a financial management strategy it is important for us to follow appropriate business practice. How we do this is detailed in our ‘Annual Governance statement’, which can be found in our ‘Statement of accounts’. In addition to this, we provide the public with open access on our activity and spending. This gives us greater accountability to the public.


Our operational activities are supported by clearly defined policies, plans and procedures. As our understanding of risks and our local environments change we ensure that these are reviewed and revised in accordance with national policy frameworks. Information is integral to our continual service improvement. Using historical data we are able to learn from past events to make improvements for the future. Furthermore, we work closely with partner agencies to share crucial information and also deliver cost effective services to the public.


Future Improvements
Following consultation with our members of staff and local communities, reviewing our risks, and taking account of key areas identified by Government and partners, we have identified a number of priorities in the coming years. These are focused on reducing risks to make life safer and making us a stronger, better organisation.

  • Potential improvements we have identified across accounting, governance and operational responsibilities to communities