31: Andover Fire Station
Purple Pin

Andover: 31

Test Valley and Eastleigh Group
Wholetime Station


London Street
SP10 2PF

Locating Map

Drill Night

Wednesday 1830 - 2130 hours

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Incidents of Interest

    There have been no recent incidents in the area.

Schools Coverage

  • Abbotts Anne Primary
  • Amport C of E Primary
  • Andover Primary
  • Anton Infant
  • Anton Junior
  • Appleshaw St Peters C of E Primary
  • Balksbury Infant
  • Balksbury Junior
  • Clatford C of E Primary
  • Endeavour Primary
  • Farleigh School
  • Grateley Primary
  • Hatherden C of E Primary
  • Hurstbourne Tarrant C of E
  • Icknield School
  • Kimpton Thruxton and Fyfield C of E
  • Knights Enham Infant
  • Longparish C of E Primary
  • Norman Gate
  • Portway Infant
  • Portway Junior
  • Roman Way Primary
  • Rookwood school
  • Shipton Bellinger Primary
  • Smanell and Enham C of E Primary
  • Vernham Dean Gillums C of E
  • Vigo Infant
  • Vigo Junior
  • Wherwell Primary
  • Wolversdene School

Note: This list is not exhaustive, but reflects the schools we have visited in the last 18 months. As more visits are carried out, the list of school will change to reflect that.