Hampshire Fire and Rescue: managing operational incidents

Managing operational incidents

Overseeing and supporting our staff at incidents

Incident command support

A strong Incident Command Support system is needed to ensure effective operational management. The Incident Command Team (ICT) consists of trained personnel who are on call 24 hours a day to crew the Command vehicles and Major Incident Room when the need arises.

The ICT, and its crew, form a vital hub at the centre of the Incident Command Support system and provide a safe and effective means for managing operations.

The Incident Command Team acts as a reporting point for all responding fire appliances and officers arriving at an incident and a focal point for all other services and agencies who may arrive at the incident.

Crew welfare at incidents

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service policy is to relieve crews at protracted incidents at four hourly intervals where possible.

Hot and cold drinks sachets are also held on fire appliances together with a facility for heating water. However, extra refreshments can be provided in order to maintain energy levels where required. Supplies of self-heating packs of Heater Meals, bottled water and drinks sachets are available 24 hours a day and are despatched to the incident as required from strategic locations across the county.

We also provide toilet facilities for our crews attending incidents. These are also delivered to the fireground upon request and consist of both male and female toilets.

Hampshire Fire and Emergency Support Service

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service joined forces with the British Red Cross in a partnership scheme to offer the victims of house fires, flooding and other emergencies support and assistance in their time of need. 

As part of the British Red Cross' emergency response role, the Emergency Response service aims to assist people who have suffered damage to their home following a fire, flood or similar incident.  The service is delivered by specially trained British Red Cross volunteers who use a fire and emergency support unit - a specially adapted Fiat Trigano Tribute - kitted out with all the immediate necessities such as a clothing bank, toiletries, phone and documents, to offer vital emotional and practical support in a time of great need, and signpost victims to other agencies that can help them move forward.

If you would like to become a volunteer member of the scheme or make a donation, please contact the Emergency Planning and Response Coordinator for Hampshire, Ian Gray by email at igray@redcross.org.uk. Additional information can be found via: www.redcross.org.uk.