Make a community emergency plan

A major emergency can leave a community isolated or even cut off. Individuals and communities may need to rely on their own resources to ensure they are able to cope with the emergency. 

Make a community emergency plan

A community emergency plan is invaluable in times of crisis, providing vital links and access to support, resources and information.

All the information and support your community needs to prepare for an emergency, including access to funding, is contained in the documents below. 


Hampshire County Council's Emergency Planning Department can also provide advice on developing your community emergency plan. 

How Finchdean and Rowlands Castle survived the unprecedented 2014 winter flooding (case study)

In Finchdean and Rowlands Castle they know only too well the value of planning at a local level. 

"If you haven't got an action group in place, then get one,"
said Steve Protheroe, Chairman of their Flood Action Group. 

"It makes such a difference. As local people you know the problems in your area and you are best-placed to understand and anticipate them, and how best to solve them. The local community was called into action doing anything from washing towels and making cups of tea, to organising more specialist help from builders, electricians and carpenters."