The bit about money

The bit about money

Service Plan 2015 - 2020

Where do we get our money from?

We are funded in two ways. Part of our income comes from people in Hampshire who pay their council tax. The other part comes from grants from the government.

As our grants from the government reduce, we will need to find new way to balance our funding.

How do we spend it?

As you would expect, most of our money (around 80%) is spent on firefighters - either full-time staff or on-call firefighters who turn out to incidents when we call on them.

We spend money running the fire stations (and our headquarters) and also on fire engines and specialist vehicles to cope with fires and other emergencies.

We also need to replace our fire engines and our fire stations as they wear out, so our plans include spending on these items.

Our budget

For more information on how we spend our money, see our budget.