Service Plan 2015 - 2020

Team Hampshire is about more than our 1,800 staff working across the county.

We work closely with our blue light colleagues in Hampshire Constabulary and the ambulance service, as well as with our colleagues in Hampshire County Council and other local authorities across the county.

It’s about doing everything in partnership – everyone is involved and everyone contributes to making you safer.

From 2015, Hampshire Constabulary officers will besharing a headquarters with us – making us the first fire and rescue service in the country to work shoulder to shoulder with police colleagues in this way.

Our senior officers also provide support to the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service in a unique partnership arrangement, the first of its kind in the country.

Our staff are also valuable partners – they are the people who make life safer.

We aspire to unlock the potential of every member of our team and want our people to be outstanding at what they do as we continually challenge ourselves to be better tomorrow.

Rescuing someone from a fire as our firefighters do is heroic – but offering a fantastic service each and every day in terms of effective and friendly advice is just as important to us.

Our work is about education and prevention as well as dealing with incidents of all types. Our resources are flexible enough for our communities to trust that we will always provide a professional response, when and where it is needed.

We want to take the expectation of what a modern fire and rescue service provides to another level – and in doing so, offer the best possible service to Hampshire.