Our cultural vision

Our cultural vision

Service Plan 2015 - 2020


Our journey towards a safer and secure Hampshire continues.

We have invested in our Service and our staff, building a reputation of excellence and as one of the best fire and rescue services in the country.

But we are always looking to the future and how we can take our service to the public to the next level.

We recognise that, despite the financial challenges faced by all public services, through innovation and collaboration we can remain trusted to meet the needs of our residents. Actively engaging our communities and staff on the journey to achieve this outcome is crucial.

Our vision sets out how we want to be the best and how we will make life safer and our Service stronger.

We will be a stronger organisation that makes life safer if...

Our communities...

  • Feel safe and secure living and working in Hampshire

  • See a professional and highly effective public service
  • Trust the service to be there when they need it
  • Feel public money is used effectively to make their lives safer 

Our teams...

  • Feel liberated, empowered and safe to be the very best they can possibly be

  • Hearts and minds are focused on making life safer
  • Feel equipped and motivated to support and drive innovation and improvement
  • Show passion to match our services to our communities' needs