Looking ahead

Looking ahead

Service Plan 2015 - 2020

Operating more efficiently is a theme across emergency services and the wider public sector...

We are living through a period where our income is dropping and we expect this to be the case for some years to come.

We expect our government grant to be reduced and we are aware of the difficulties facing council tax payers, so will try to limit increases in council tax.

But we are planning ahead.

We are part way through a plan to address a budget shortfall of around £12 million by 2017-18.

Already we have completed a plan that has achieved £6m of savings by March 2015.

We know we need to continue to do more to balance our budget in the years to come, while continuing to try and take our services to a new level.

A comprehensive review of all our services to the public is well underway and we are also reshaping our professional support functions, with our innovative partnership working pushing us forward in both areas.

We are also generating income. 3SFire Ltd is a trading arm that delivers 100% of its profits back into the Service in order to fund a number of projects and programmes of work.

We are also paid to co-respond to minor medical emergencies to assist our ambulance service colleagues – we attended around 10,000 incidents in the last year, which is around 40% of all of the co-responding calls handed in the country.

We will always try to protect our frontline services, and while we acknowledge this will become harder over time, striving for a safer Hampshire will always remain our top priority.

A safer Hampshire

You can find more information on our review of services in the 'A safer Hampshire' consultation