Leaders in fire... and beyond

Leaders in fire... and beyond

Service Plan 2015 - 2020

We are extremely proud of our history and the service we deliver to our communities today. We are absolutely focused on creating a lasting legacy of safety for the Hampshire residents of the future.

We will continue to focus on assuring our delivery within our three key areas of operation to ensure Hampshire stays safer. So we will work to be the best at community safety, community resilience and community response. We are redefining our service to provide the best possible value to our taxpayers and make Hampshire feel a truly safe place to live and work in, as well as visit.

We spend time considering what ‘feeling safe’ really means for people in Hampshire. To assess whether we are achieving this, we want to engage and get to know our communities and know how they are feeling.

We want people – including the partners we work with across the county – to feel they trust us to keep them safe.

Hampshire: Who we are

1.8 million people

Aging population - number of over-65s increased from 15.9% to 17.1% of the population between 2001 - 2011

3.770 square kilometres (1,455 square miles)

Urban coverage

Annual economic output
£35 billion

Business premises

Major motorways
M27 and M3

Major ports
Southampton and Portsmouth

Commercial airports
Southampton and Farnborough

Keepin safe

With 50,000 business across Hampshire, do you know how to keep your business safe?