Don't take our word for it

We protect people in Hampshire in a huge variety of ways and that means more than just putting out fires.

We'd rather incidents didn't happen in the first place, and so we work with all of our residents, from schoolchildren right through to the most vulnerable members of our community, to interpret the risks and give effective advice, help and where appropriate, support.

We enable companies to carry out their business safely and legally by working with them to reduce the chances of a fire or incident that could not only harm employees but also adversely affect their business.

Where emergencies do happen, we provide a professional and effective response to reduce the impact of the event on the public and get life back to normal as soon as possible.

We analyse data we collect from incidents and our communities, so we can continue to improve the safety of our residents.

Did you know?

  • Fires in the home are most likely caused whilst cooking

  • Deaths in fires are most commonly seen in the elderly and those supported in independent living
  • We attend most road traffic collisions during the day and early evening
  • Adverse weather events such as snow or rain (causing flooding) can require a lot of our support


Knowing this enables us to focus on where risk is greatest and ensure we concentrate our resources where they are most needed.

Hampshire is a beautiful, diverse county, but it presents some less obvious risks, such as those posed by the animals in the New Forest. Our ageing population also means a greater demand for medical response.

Being responsive to our communities' needs and providing the fantastic service we strive for means you may encounter us dealing with any one or more of these situations - and others too.