Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Plan 2019 - 2020

A safer Hampshire

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Plan 2019 - 2020

"We are here to make life safer for everyone in Hampshire.
"With the support of our Fire and Rescue Authority, we will always ensure we are there when emergencies happen. We will also work hard with our communities to educate people to take the right action to reduce the risk of fires and other incidents happening.
"Over the last decade we have successfully driven down the number of fires to half the level of 10 years ago. As a modern fire and rescue service we aim to make ourselves even more relevant to the lives of people in Hampshire as we move towards 2020 and beyond.
"This is about more than just fire. We continue to support our ambulance colleagues through our medical co-responding work. We are also passionate about collaborating and working ever more closely with our partners to further enhance the safety of the county.
"Our aim is to be the best fire and rescue service in the country. This document clearly sets out our vision to work smarter, be more efficient, and to make life safer for everyone in Hampshire.
"Welcome to the next chapter in our continuing story - a forward-thinking, nationally recognised organisation working tirelessly to provide an exceptional service to our communities."

The Chief Officer and Chairman of the Authority

Service Plan Annual Review 2019 - 2020


  • We understand risk better
  • We focus on what's most important
  • We always use the best technology to save life

More efficient

  • We respond quicker
  • We are better equipped and trained to deliver a broader service
  • We collaborate more to make better use of public assets


  • Our community is safer from fire
  • We are building on our established medical response
  • We are extending our prevention work into health