The STEER (Safety Through Education and Exercise for Resilience) course is a pioneering exercise regime run by firefighters aiming to help older people to be happy, healthy and remain in their home safely whilst: 

  • building confidence 
  • reducing the risk of a fall occurring 
  • increasing engagement in community activities 

It consists of 12 weekly sessions, each two hours long. The course combines educational discussions with a structured progressive exercise program for a targeted +65 attendee.  

Every weekly session starts with a friendly cup of tea and catch up. As well as friendships developed throughout the course, attendees are also introduced to local community activities and organisations. 

Courses are held at a local fire station by qualified HFRS trainers and are free to attend. 

Joining a course

There are many ways participants can be signposted to our STEER courses. For example, by:

  • a GP
  • a friend or family member
  • a Falls Champion or Falls Friend
  • contacting us themselves to find out about their local courses

We can only allocate places on STEER courses when there are enough candidates to fill a course. This time will vary depending on your location.

The attendee must be: 

  • able to attend the whole 12 week course 
  • over the age of 65 (unless referred by a health professional)
  • able to participate in low to moderate physical activity 



Tips for attendees

What to wear       

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing. You need to move freely       
  • Trousers are better than skirts or a dress 
  • Wearing layers is ideal; as you get warmer you can take off a layer       
  • Shoes should be flat and provide support and grip

What to bring with you

  • A drink: we recommend water in a water bottle
  • Light snack: in case of low sugar levels
  • Inhalers and GTN sprays: if you have been prescribed a Ventolin or GTN spray, please bring it with you


To enquire about STEER courses in your area, contact: