Contact Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service: make a complaint

Contact Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service: make a complaint

Feedback and complaints

We welcome all feedback that can help us improve the work we do and we take complaints very seriously.

Complaints will be investigated promptly and, where appropriate, feedback will be provided to the complainant explaining the outcome of those enquiries. 

In certain circumstances it will not be possible to provide full details of the action taken to resolve an issue, but the Service will inform the complainant of the reasons for this.

Wish to provide feedback or make a complaint?

If you wish to provide some feedback or make a complaint, please complete the feedback form.  If you are making a complaint please provide as much detail as possible about the nature of and reasons for your complaint and, where possible, please provide names of people, and the registration number of vehicles as this will help us identify who we need to talk to.

You can also write to us at:

Feedback and Complaints
Knowledge Management Team
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
Leigh Road
SO50 9SJ